01/01/1970 - 10:00

Brian Hewitt Blackheath and Thornburgh College has almost always been a co-educational College. In fact, it was the first educational Boarding School in Queensland.

The Colleges were the ‘Brain Child’ of Reverend Bacon. He founded Thornburgh College in 1919, and Blackheath in 1920, as a Methodist and Presbyterian boarding school.

Since 1978, the College has been governed by a Board of Directors. Since then, Blackheath and Thornburgh College has become a non-denominational College embracing Christian values.

The College has a long and proud history academically, in cultural pursuits, on the sporting field and within the community. With an exceptionally strong and loyal Past Students Association, many generations of students continue to proudly roar the College cheer of 'Go it Blue!'

College Motto

The College motto is ‘Sine Domino Frustra’ – Without God All Is In Vain


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