Our boarding staff

BTC has two Heads of Boarding – one for each of the boys’ and girls’ boarding facilities – who report to the Principal. They are there to support, guide and correct where necessary through firm but fair leadership. They form a strong bond with boarders and are available fulltime as adult residential staff. In each house there is a team of staff which works with each Head of Boarding.

Boys’ Boarding:

Mr Max Batt directly oversees all aspects of the Boarding Programme for boys’ boarding.  Max is a past student of the College and is passionate about all aspects of College life.  Max has a deep understanding of the values and ethos required for a harmonious boarding community.

Mrs Sharon Bourke is the Boys’ Boarding Housemother.

Mrs Sharon Bourke and boys






Girls’ Boarding:

Mrs Maree Ballantyne directly oversees all aspects of the Boarding Programme for girls’ boarding. Maree is extremely experienced and has been at BTC since 1998. Maree develops close relationships with the girl boarders and provides a supportive, structured environment for them.

Mrs Maree Ballantyne and girls









Boarding ethos

Above all, boarding at BTC is about being part of a close and highly supportive community and we recognise our role in helping boarding students settle in, find their place as an inclusive part of the College and guiding each student along the paths of education, social and personal development.

Looking after each other

Boarding at BTC fosters a strong sense of collegiality, as our structure encourages older and younger students to bond, form friendships and build a framework of mutual respect and trust. Our older boarding students are there to guide younger boarders, and we look to senior students to develop themselves as excellent role models, to lead by example and offer wider support to our Heads of Boarding.

Health and wellbeing

Overall, we encourage students to develop their own sense of personal worth and values: looking after themselves, maintaining their health, wellbeing and personal hygiene. Of course, there may be times when a student is injured or falls unwell, and we provide an outstanding level of heath care with a registered nurse being on call. Clinics are conducted every day with the nurse available on call at all other times.

We have very strong relationships with local chemists, doctors and dentists, who all recognise the various needs that boarding can impose on students, and should the need for wider medical intervention arise, BTC is very close to Charters Towers hospital.