Vale Glen Bechly

News of the death of Mr. Glen Bechly on December 16, 2019 at Torquay, Victoria, has been received.

Pictured: Boys’ Choir (1956) Conductor: Mr. G. A. Bechly

Mr. Bechly was a staff member at Thornburgh College from 1955 to 1958.

Prior to his arrival in Australia, Mr. Bechly taught in England and Germany. In Australia his teaching experience began at Duckinwilla, a one-teacher school near Howard in Queensland. While at Thornburgh he taught Scholarship students, then various subjects in upper school.

Glen Bechly was to become very involved in extra-curricular activities. He helped with the Scouts and introduced Cubs to the school. He also coached swimming and tennis teams and was on the sports and library communities. However, his great love was music. He introduced the Glee Club, was accompanyist for the Boys’ Choir and encouraged community singing. As well, he produced one-act plays and supplied drawings for the Blue News.

In 1958 Miss Jill Stewart joined the staff at Blackheath. At the end of 1958 they left Charters Towers, married and were to have two children – Marcus and Gabrielle.

The final 30 odd years of Glen Bechly’s teaching career were spent at Geelong Grammar School, including time spent at Timbertop, their outdoor school. He retired in 1996. Glen Bechly was popular with staff and students, and all who knew him during his time at Thornburgh College will remember him fondly.

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