Gather by Cater Care (Dining Hall)

Nutrition is an extremely important element in the growth and development of children and adolescents.

With a growing student population and a strong desire to support the health and wellbeing of every student at the College, the Board and our executive team have been exploring options to enhance the quality, variety and nutritional value of student meals.

From Term 2, 2021 Cater Care will be managing the kitchen operations at BTC. Gather by Cater Care are 100% Australian owned and operated with a proven track record of delivering hospitality services for education. They will take on all catering across the school and are looking forward to working with families, staff and students to ensure the best catering service provision available.

“We deliver a range of options to suit a variety of tastes, including healthy options, comfort foods, traditional dishes and foods that cater to specific dietary requirements.”

“Our menu development is based on the recommendations of the Australian Dietary Guidelines for Healthy Eating. We also provide for the nutritional intake requirements of specific age groups and genders throughout their educational journey.”

Our My Choices – Healthy Eating Program supports healthy eating awareness.

“We provide quality, classic and contemporary meals cooked fresh on site daily. Alongside our healthy, balanced menu plan we include extra benefits for students and staff such as the My Choices program; a proactive way of promoting healthy, nutritional meal choices.”

“Site operations staff are supported by a professional and efficient state and national operational management structure. Our employees are handpicked for their skills and experience, and for their ability to provide the right mix of quantity, quality, and variety. Best of all, they’re highly motivated and enjoy what they do.”