College Board


BTC operates under a normal corporate structure, governed by a Board of Directors. The Board:

  • oversees the direction of the College and works with the Principal and the Senior Leadership Team to determine the school’s strategic objectives and key strategic initiatives.
  • monitors financial performance and risk and approves key policy changes and the annual budget.
  • appoints the Principal and sets and reviews his/her performance approves major changes to the organisation structure and senior leadership team appointments proposed by the Principal.
  • approves major investment decisions related to property, information technology, long term contracts etc.

Operational management is in the hands of the Principal, who reports to the Board. The Chief Operations Officer of the College reports to the Principal and also to the Board. The Principal is responsible for all operational decisions related to all staff, students and day-to-day management of the College.

The independence of the College is made possible from fees and the financial support of Federal and State governments as well as groups of people committed to the College’s long term viability.

The College’s best interests include the Board’s governing its various activities by introducing and maintaining best management practices that sustain the high quality of educational delivery and assure the long term financial viability of the College as a private education institution.

The College operates as a business entity, with a Foundation and Association undertaking various responsibilities.

The Association

The Association owns, and is custodian of, the real property and infrastructure assets of the college and undertakes capital improvements of those assets.