Senior School


Senior School

Our Senior School is a dynamic and energetic environment with strong and trusted connections between students, their teachers and the wider community.

Teaching incorporates flexible, research-based, best-practice instructional models and innovative teaching strategies to differentiate and deliver the Australian Curriculum in a manner that is distinctly BTC, catering for differing student needs and learning abilities.

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The wider learning environment provides for and promotes the spiritual, academic, social, emotional and physical development of every student and provides a range of flexible pathways to cater for a student’s individual needs and interests, offering an excellent programme of academic, vocational, sporting, cultural and social opportunities and experiences for every student.

Our Vocational Education department offers one of the most extensive programs of any school in Queensland, including an extensive range of Certificate courses, University entrance course study and School-based Traineeships.

Teachers are passionate about and pro-actively engage in the pastoral care program of the College and ensure the support, safety and wellbeing of students within the classroom, in the playground and at College events and functions.

Year 10

In Year 10, students are encouraged to become more independent learners to prepare them for their final two years of schooling. We do this through exposure to a more rigorous learning and assessment program. Year 10 is seen as a foundation year in which students can ‘sample’ senior subjects to assist them in choosing which pathway they would like to take in the final two years of school.
Students undertake SET plans during this period, helping them make critical decisions about the best pathway for their senior phase of learning.

Years 11 and 12

Years 11 and 12 are instrumental in preparing students for life beyond school, helping them identify skills, and build upon knowledge and understanding for a diverse range of opportunities post-school.

Years 11 and 12 provide students with a broad range of options in their academic choices, as well as the close support and individual guidance that helps match students to the pathway that best suits their interests, tertiary requirements, career aspirations and of course, their personal strengths, preparing them for their onward journey into the wider world.

Immersive preparation for the future

There are many pathways that students in their senior years can take and it can be a daunting period of their school life. However, through the careful and considered guidance of teachers, students are able to build a general idea of what they wish to do on leaving school. This is important as it can determine a student’s choice of academic program.

At the end of Year 12 most students are eligible for the Queensland Certificate of Education. This certificate records a student’s performance in a wide range of studies that can be undertaken in Years 10, 11 and 12. The management of a student’s eligibility for a QCE occurs on an individual basis at the school. For university entrance, students must study five OP subjects for the two years of 11 and 12. It may be possible for an OP-ineligible student to be considered for university entrance through the selection rank process.

VET Courses

Research has shown that young people who leave school at the completion of compulsory education are over represented in regional Australia when compared with their urban peers. It is therefore extremely important that rural-based educational institutions offer not only pathways of study that will prepare students for tertiary entrance but also a curriculum that includes a broad base of vocational preparation.

We have a specialist VET Co-ordinator who mentors a variety of programmes that enable all students to make future employment choices based on alternative pathways. For example, the Certificate IV in IT/Business allows non-OP eligible students to enter tertiary education using a notional OP. This opens the pathway for students with specific aptitude in a particular area to gain higher education that would be otherwise unavailable if reliant upon an OP determined by success in subjects which the student struggles with.

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