Mission Statement

Our Vision

Blackheath & Thornburgh College’s vision is to be innovative, creating opportunities and expectations for students and staff to excel; where passion and aspiration is encouraged and nurtured and where successful people of the future are created.

Our mission

We aim:

1. To provide an all-round, balanced education for all students which:

  • is respected locally and internationally.
  • serves the needs of north Queensland communities.
  • builds character, resilience and loyalty.
  • provides a broad range of enriching and stimulating programs.
  • takes place in a safe and nurturing learning environment.
  • engenders curiosity, enthusiasm and a passion for lifelong learning.

2. To develop the potential of each student through:

  • stimulating creativity, innovation and leadership in students.
  • strengthening self esteem, responsibility and assurance.
  • celebrating achievement and individual growth.
  • promoting well-balanced personal relationships, caring towards other people and a willingness to serve.

3. To foster a vibrant and safe community which: –

  • values all members of our community.
  • promotes a sense of community which builds on the traditions of the College.
  • encourages the College community to reflect on and embrace Christian values and beliefs whilst promoting respect for the beliefs and values of others.

Principles for learning

We are ‘what we live’. The ‘hidden curriculum’ is more than what is taught in the classroom; it is about the lessons we learn through involvement in and interaction with others. Experiences both at home and at school combine to make our children ‘what they live’. We must work together as a community if we are to inherit a world where sincere regard and consideration for others is to be paramount. It is the aim and prime intention of Blackheath & Thornburgh College to underwrite the ‘hidden curriculum’ with the values of social conscience and justice for all.

The times in which we live require a diverse and lateral approach to what has been the norm. It does not require change for change sake. Rather, an openess to explore the many possibilities that are now available to the delivery of education. Technology is in many ways defining the course for educational instruction and delivery. If circumstances deem it appropriate, we are now able to move away from chronological-based progression in schools and customise, on the basis of readiness, the learning experiences for each individual. This is not to ‘lessen’ the value or importance of traditional education. Progressive education necessarily incorporates the valued elements of that which is being ‘progressed from’ and builds upon these to create opportunities that are relevant and responsive to the rapid changes occurring around us.

The teaching of fundamental academic basics in exercise of the mind should retain importance within the overall package. We are embracing a highly dynamic situation where the students of today may change careers many times during their working lives and it is beholden upon schools to create individuals who are well equipped to deal with this change. Fundamental to this development is the celebration of academic achievement and excellence. We must build solid foundations if our young people are to critically meet the challenge.

Blackheath & Thornburgh College does not advocate an obsession for making changes simply ‘because we can’. As educators we must consider carefully the nature of the education we provide to ensure that whatever is currently driving the ‘hidden curriculum’ is not in fact eroding the values that we purport to instill. It is the delivery of education that remains dynamic – the underlying need for and essence of what is taught remains unchanged.

Blackheath & Thornburgh College is responding to the ever-changing requirements of education in ways that will make the transfer to future generations of the values and ethos of a fine school sustainable.

Blackheath and Thornburgh College