2016 Seniors

2016 Seniors

On Thursday 28 January, the 2016 Seniors took the College Leaders Pledge before being presented with their badges.

2016 Blackheath and Thornburgh College
Captains and Prefects

College Captains: Amy Neville
Lachlan Wearing
College Vice Captains:Madalyn Weicks
Damien Bige
Boarding Captains: Selai Mautaia
Douglas Sealy
Boarding Vice Captains:Shaleece Johnstone
Damien Bige
Performing Arts Captain:Amber Connolly
College Sports Captain:Jack McQueen
Blackthorn Prefect:Ashlee Walsh
Year 7 – 8 Prefect: Lauren Wallace
House Captains:
Archie Black House: Henrietta Sagon
Brodie Land
Bacon Bacon House: Belinda Uprichard
Lachlan Corrigan
Bryce Dickson House: Jordain Speechley
Jack McQueen
Seniors 2016: Damien Bige, Chloe Bond, Frederick Bulsey, Jemma-Rae Callope, Amber Connolly, Lachlan Corrigan, Sarah Epong, Connor Essex, Alexander Ford, Tristan Holroyd, Shaleece Johnstone, Brodie Land, Selai Mautaia, Jack McQueen, Amy Neville, Matthew Puddicombe, Henrietta Sagon, Douglas Sealy, Lauchlan Sollitt, Jordain Speechley, Julia Sturmfels, Kaitlyn Treacy, Belinda Uprichard, Lauren Wallace, Ashlee Walsh, Lachlan Wearing, Madalyn Weicks, Toniesha Williams, Travis Wilson

2016 College Captains - Lachlan Wearing and Amy Neville