Past Students

The Blackthorn Past Students Association (BPSA) is an integral part of the College community.

Initially formed as the Thornburgh Old Boys’ Association in 1924 and the Blackheath Old Girls’ Association in 1925, the groups combined in 1935 to form an inclusive and driving force, fostering an ongoing bond of fellowship between past students and further advancing the interests of the College, ‘my school and yours’.

The bond of fellowship is fostered using social media, newsletters and assisting with organising gatherings of past cohort years and coming together at regional locations culminating with an annual reunion at the College held over the second weekend each August.

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Executive Committee Meetings

The BPSA Executive Committee, elected by the Association’s members, holds at least four meetings per year and more as required.  In this way the business of the Association and the various reunions can be organised and promoted.  In addition, we publish and distribute the bi-annual ‘Blackthorn News’ to provide news of our members.

At the 2019 AGM the following committee members were elected:

Mr David Cummins                       President

Mr Ian Ritchie                                Vice President

Miss Kristine Patterson                Secretary

Mrs Jay Goodwin                           Treasurer

The committee is active in the lead up to BTC’s Centenary Years in 2019 and 2020.

Cohort/Class Year and Region Organisers – Events

The BPSA Committee maintains an up to date Members Register which records past student Cohort/Class years as well as the Region of residence. Past School Captains and past student event organisers actively maintain and use this information to bring together their Cohort/Class years and those pasts students in close regional proximity..

Life After College

A BTC education is of course an enriching experience, but in many ways it is just the start of a life of exploration, providing students with the openings, opportunities and some of the tools required to help carve a rewarding and successful path in professional and personal life.

Through their time and education at BTC, students have made friends for life, forged new and beneficial connections and taken up a wide and varied range of careers.

BTC provides the ‘launch ramp’ for all this and more, and has an extensive range of facilities and experienced teachers to assist with starting to make some informed choices, whether they be to undertake further education, vocational training, apprenticeships, returning to the land, travel or entering professional life.

Whatever our students’ choices, their time at BTC will have helped to fulfil their potential and furnish them with some of the necessary skills. We wave them goodbye at the end of their time, knowing that we’ll welcome them back as often as they wish to walk through the gates in years to come.

Blackheath and Thornburgh College