Pre-Prep to Year 6

The early years of a child’s life are critical in shaping their subsequent development and our Junior School helps shape young children’s abilities to cope with and benefit from subsequent schooling.

Early Learning

Our Early Learning Centre focuses on establishing vital foundations so your child receives the best possible start to their education. Our classes provide a stimulating environment for children within a program based on individual progression. Essentially, we treat classes as an extension of home, a place where children feel loved, accepted and secure, and so feel confident to grow, express themselves and develop their abilities.

Secure, supportive and stimulating

Children are valued as individuals with regard to their emotional, social, physical and intellectual development and learning programs are designed with this in mind, assisting in each child’s physical, social, intellectual and emotional growth by offering:

  • a secure, caring, nurturing and well disciplined environment
  • support and encouragement for the development of self-direction and self-discipline
  • a focus on caring for others and tolerance of all differences
  • specialist teachers and facilities designed to extend each child and highlight their particular talents

The Junior School is a family-oriented and stimulating learning environment with small numbers of students in each classroom, allowing our teachers to provide a more personalised approach. Classrooms are all air-conditioned for the warmer months, and equipped with Internet access and have access to a range of audio-visual facilities such as projectors, TV, DVD and CD. A bank of 20 laptop computers is also available for students.

Pre-Prep to Year 6
Pre-Prep to Year 6
Pre-Prep to Year 6

Extending the capacity for thinking and learning

Our aim is to develop students with the learning skills and positive personal attitude that is necessary for accepting the challenges of a quickly changing world. This means equipping students with a wide range of traditional academic and technological skills.

Even more important is the development of critical thinking skills, including the willingness to consider a range of options and select the most appropriate. This equips children with the skills necessary to make informed choices.

We encourage students to be active learners, which means taking an active role in their own learning.

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