Schedule of Fees


(For International enrolments, please see the 2020 Schedule of Fees for International Students)

Application and Enrolment Fees 

To make an enrolment application to the College, an enrolment form needs to be submitted and the non-refundable application fee of $50 is required for each new student.

After a place has been offered at the College, a $100 enrolment acceptance fee is payable. This becomes a $100 lifetime membership of the Blackthorn Past Students Association Inc. (BPSA) when the student completes their education in Year 10, 11 or 12, OR it may be refunded upon request when leaving the College, although it may be used to clear unpaid school fees.

Tuition Fees

  Per Term Annual Total
Pre Prep $ 1000 $ 4,000
Prep – 3 $ 895 $ 3,580
Years 4 – 5 $ 1,375 $ 5,500
Years 6 $ 1,480 $ 5,920
Year 7 – 8 $ 1,875 $ 7,500
Years 9 – 10 $ 2,487 $ 9,950
Years 11 – 12 $ 2,575 $ 10,300

Boarding Fees

  Per Term Annual Total
Years 5 – 6 $ 3,290 $ 13,160
Years 7 – 8 $ 3,575 $ 14,300
Years 9 – 12 $ 3,865 $ 15,460

Arrowsmith Program

  Per Term Annual Total
Enrolled Participants $ 850 $ 3,400

Day Student Lunches

  Per Term Annual Total
Years Prep – 6 (Optional) $ 275 $ 1,100
Years 7 – 12 (Compulsory) $ 370 $ 1,480

1. Tuition Fees

  • Boarders must pay the Boarding fee in addition to the Tuition fee applicable.
  • Our Tuition fee includes textbooks, classroom resources and IT replacement.
  • All fees include 24-hour accident insurance during term time.

2. Boarding Fees 

  • Boarding Fees include standard meals from kitchen.
  • Boarding Fees include $50 for dorm activities per term; an activities program has been developed with free and chargeable activities. 
  • Weekly Boarders pay 80% of the full boarding fee. 
  • Parents/Students may  be  eligible  for  Financial  Assistance  through  ASSISTANCE  FOR ISOLATED  CHILDREN  (AIC), ABSTUDY and/or LIVING AWAY FROM HOME ALLOWANCE (LAFH). Other allowances may include funding if your child requires a special education program or special facilities. Centrelink administers most of these allowances and more information can be obtained by contacting the AIC office on 132318. Alternatively you may visit the website or postal address: Lismore AIC, PO Box 112 LISMORE NSW 2480.

3. Lunch Procedures for Day Students 

Charges will be applied to Term accounts. In the Junior School a roll is taken and students whose parents have not indicated that their child is to have lunch are required to take their lunch when they go to the dining hall area. In the Secondary School, students will receive morning tea and lunch from the Dining room. 

4. Sibling Discounts

Second child 10%; third child 25%; fourth child 50%, and any subsequent child free.

5. Other Discounts:

  • A discount of 5% applies if a full years fees are paid at the commencement of the school year. 
  • A discount of 2.5% applies for a term’s fees paid in full in advance of the due date.
  • Discounts apply to boarding and tuition fees only not to sundry and other charges.
  • Cases of special need are at the discretion of the Principal.

6. Additional Charges

  • The student diary, Arts Council performances, Health Centre and medical expenses. These items are charged each term as they are incurred.
  • Health care charges such as medicines and trips to Townsville are extras and are charged as they are incurred.
  • Subject Levies are charged to cover the costs of consumables used in IT, Home Economics, Visual Art, Music, Manual Arts, Furnishings and Engineering.
  • Stationery will be charged to student accounts each term. This excludes ‘Back to School’ stationery.
  • Vocational Education – the College offers a range of Vocational Education courses which we manage jointly with approved RTOs. Costs are charged to student accounts as they are incurred, following a letter from the College advising families of the additional costs involved.
  • Non-curriculum activities will NOT be charged to accounts and must be paid for in advance.  Examples include Cultural, Sporting and Social Activities and Events, College Magazine, Senior Formal, Shopping Trips and Excursions.
  • Where it is shown that a student is solely or jointly responsible for wilful damage to College property, the charges for such damage will be levied on that student’s parent account.

7. Building Fund Donation 

Parents/carers are  encouraged to  make  a  donation  of  $50  per  term  to  our  Approved  Building  Fund,  which  is administered by the BTC Foundation. These donations are tax deductible and assist the College to fund for new and improved facilities. 

8. BTC Parents & Friends Donation  

Parents are encouraged to join this wonderful group whose aim is to help parents get to know each other and their school as well as to raise funds to further improve the facilities enjoyed by all students. The annual membership fee will be shown on your first account and you may elect to pay it and join or you may prefer to meet with a member of the committee first.

9. Textbook Allowance: The Queensland Government Textbook Allowance is directed to the College to cover the cost of textbook hire for all students. Students at BTC do not need to purchase subject textbooks.  

10. Account Terms and Conditions

  • Fees are paid per term. There are 2 terms per semester and 2 semesters per year.
  • Fees are set annually but may change during the year.
  • Families are issued a monthly statement of account during the first week of each month. Fees are normally due on the Friday of the second week of each term. A due date appears on all statements.
  • The monthly statements enable small charges to be invoiced monthly rather than by the term. Parents should exercise judgement in whether small amounts, (i.e. less than $10) are paid on receipt of statement or left until the following month and accumulated with larger amounts.
  • The School reserves the right to rescind scholarships and bursaries in the event of late payment of fees and to add these amounts back to the account.
  • Outstanding charges must be cleared by the end of the month following the month in which they are charged.
  • Payments made to accounts are receipted to accounts on the date of their receipt by the College and are applied to the oldest charges on the account at that time.
  • Outstanding fees constitute a debt payable to Blackheath & Thornburgh College. Overdue fees may be placed in the hands of a collection agency. If necessary the Board of Directors may take legal action to recover debts to preserve the viability of the College as a whole.

11. Payment Options 

  • Over the counter at the Administration office, by cash, cheque, credit or debit card.
  • By mail or facsimile using a completed statement of account remittance advice for card payments or by enclosure of cheque or money order.
  • By telephone for card payments.
  • By BPAY using BPAY information provided on the fee statement.
  • By direct deposit using Family Key as indicated on the fee statement.
  • Regular direct debit payment plans, weekly, fortnightly or via monthly instalments can be arranged by contacting the Business Manager.

12. Enrolment Terms and Conditions  


  • The College cannot provide education to students where fees remain unpaid. It is an enforced policy of the College that a student may not take their place at the College at the start of a term where fees for a previous term remain unpaid unless an approved payment arrangement has been made; please contact the Business Manager to discuss as soon as you realise the due date cannot be met.
  • Parents are reminded that any fee discounts (sibling, staff, bursary, etc) received are dependent upon fees/charges being paid by the due date. Discounts will be withdrawn if this condition is not met.


One half term’s notice in writing (to The Principal, Blackheath & Thornburgh College, PO Box 339, Charters Towers, Qld. 4820) is required in the event of a child’s withdrawal, otherwise one half terms fees will be payable. One half term is deemed to be not less than five weeks.

  • If a student is asked to leave the School in the first half of a term, half a term’s fees will be refunded. During the last half of a term, no fees will be refunded.
  • For students not returning the following year written notice (addressed to The Principal) is required by 30 November, otherwise one half term’s fees will be payable for the following year.


  • No allowances against fees will be made for late returns to School or absence during the term, including those due to disciplinary suspensions, or for the early completion of Year 12.

This is the current policy in respect of fees and charges as adopted by the Board of Blackheath & Thornburgh College at its meeting of December 2019. ABN 57 107 444 011

Blackheath and Thornburgh College