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Welcome to Blackheath & Thornburgh College

  • A warm welcome

    Welcome to Blackheath & Thornburgh College, one of North Queensland’s renowned schools. BTC is a school dedicated to understanding and meeting the differing needs of our students in each phase of their development. As a small college, every student knows they are an important part of our ‘family’ and from their first day at school, your child will be in an environment where they are valued for what they offer as an individual. We understand them and work with them to help them develop their potential and discover the endless opportunities that await.

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  • Our difference

    We take a whole-of-school approach, providing a fully-rounded educational programme and opportunities for children to develop a vibrant enthusiasm for a wide range of subjects and interests. A BTC education is:

    – A partnership of learning and teaching
    – An opportunity to immerse, discover and develop
    – A realisation that being ‘at school’ is a wonderful, awe-inspiring time
    – The start of a lifetime of discovery
    – Character building, with a focus on individuality
    – Care and nurture for each and every student

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  • Our history

    Since Reverend Bacon’s foundation of Thornburgh College in 1919 and Blackheath 1 year later, the College has almost always been always been a co-educational College and in fact, was the first educational Boarding School in Queensland. Originally founded as a Methodist and Presbyterian boarding school, the College become a non-denominational College embracing Christian values in 1978 with an active Foundation, Association, Past Student Association and Parents & Friends Association.

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  • Come and visit

    There is no better way to experience something than to see it for yourself, and we actively encourage prospective parents and students to come and visit our College. Through a guided tour that shows the extent of our campus and range of teaching spaces, you’ll experience firsthand the vibrancy and inclusivity of the College, get to chat with teachers and students and put your questions to the Principal.

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New Principal Announcement

The Blackheath & Thornburgh College Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Simon Murphy as the next Principal of Blackheath & Thornburgh College, commencing in January 2020…

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New College Chairman

Following the resignation of Mr. Chris Hesp, for personal and family reasons, the College Board is proud to announce the appointment of Mr. Adrian Thomson as the new College Board Chairman…

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