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Gather by Cater Care (Dining Hall)

Gather by Cater Care (Dining Hall)

Great things happen when we gather together.

Born from a desire to provide essential nutrition to students while connecting the school community through the shared joy of food, gather. by Cater Care represents our highest quality service offering, developed over 22 years to exceed even the peak of industry standards.

gather supports the comprehensive development of students through positive nutrition while expanding their culinary horizons, all delivered by caring and friendly staff trained in providing the perfect dining experience.

gather healthy eating program

The gather healthy eating program raises the standards of best practice for on-site mealtime experiences through the latest dietetic research and contemporary recipes to create meals that are both nutritional and delicious. It highlights the importance of adequately fueling students’ bodies while educating students on food & nutrition- creating a holistic approach to healthy meal times.

A cornerstone to the program is the development and curation of informative, positive, and motivational materials that support students' health and lifestyle education.

With a new topic tailored to the unique nutritional requirements of adolescents every season, the gather healthy eating program ensures there’s an open and ongoing discussion on key topics of health and nutrition throughout students’ formative years.

Located in Charters Towers, North Queensland, we offer co-educational learning from Kindy to Year 12 with Boarding facilities.

Contact BTC

55-59 King St, Charters Towers QLD 4820

PO Box 339, Charters Towers QLD 4820

T: (07) 4787 5100