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College Board


BTC operates under a normal corporate structure, governed by a Board of Directors. The Board:

  • oversees the direction of the College and works with the Principal and the Operations Team to determine the school’s strategic objectives and key strategic initiatives.
  • monitors financial performance and risk and approves key policy changes and the annual budget.
  • appoints the Principal and sets and reviews his/her performance, approves major changes to the organisational structure and Operations team appointments proposed by the Principal.
  • approves major investment decisions related to property, information technology, long term contracts etc.

Operational management is in the hands of the Principal, who reports to the Board. The Operations Team Managers of the College report to the Principal and also to the Board. The Principal is responsible for all operational decisions related to all staff, students and day-to-day management of the College.

The independence of the College is made possible from fees and the financial support of Federal and State governments as well as groups of people committed to the College’s long term viability.

The Board governs in the College’s best interest by introducing and maintaining best management practices that sustain the high quality of educational delivery and assure the long term financial viability of the College as a private education institution.

The College operates as a business entity, with a Foundation undertaking various responsibilities.

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The Blackheath & Thornburgh College Foundation exists solely to support the work and goals of the College and help bring its long-term goals to fruition.

The Foundation’s broad objective is to provide for the funding needs of the College over and above what is provided by school fees and government grants. We do this via fund-raising and the generous gifts the Foundation receives, and subsequently retaining and growing the funds. The Foundation also manages the Trust Funds that allow for tax deductibility for donors to them. The three Funds which attract tax deductibility for donors are:

  • Building Fund
  • Library Fund
  • Scholarship Fund

Additionally, a Trust Fund provides for the College’s funding needs that fall outside what these three Funds are able to meet. Gifts to this Trust Fund, while not tax deductible, are essential to the completeness of support that is needed across all the College’s activities.

Collectively the four Funds underpin the short and long-term financial security and viability of the College with allocations from them to:

  • the ongoing capital work projects in support of the College’s Strategic Plan.
  • the provision and maintenance of world class educational facilities.
  • the innovative use of the Libraries, Class Rooms, Laboratories, Boarding, Sport and Co-curricular Facilities for students and staff to excel; courses on innovative and continuous improvement by training staff in teaching methods including specialist activities.
  • providing technical equipment, instruments, materials and items within subject areas on offer from languages and music, to science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
  • scholarships and bursaries for students whose presence would add to the richness and diversity of the student body but whose family financial situations would otherwise prevent them from attending the College.
  • prizes and awards to encourage and nurture passion and excellence.
  • the day to day ongoing financial viability of the College’s business.

Please contact us using the form above if you would like to make a difference for a child with a donation or bequest or if you would like to learn more about the benefits your philanthropy could provide to the College. You can also use this form if you would like to become a member of the Foundation and be more closely involved with securing the short and long-term financial security and viability of the College.

Annual Reports and Policies

Recent Annual reports for the College are available here as PDF downloads.

For further information please contact the College.

Located in Charters Towers, North Queensland, we offer co-educational learning from Kindy to Year 12 with Boarding facilities.

Contact BTC

55-59 King St, Charters Towers QLD 4820

PO Box 339, Charters Towers QLD 4820

T: (07) 4787 5100