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Blackheath and Thornburgh College have partnered with specialist provider Edstart to make managing your school fee payments easier.

Through Edstart Plus, the school is able to provide flexible payment options to all families for the payment of school fees:

  • Pay weekly, fortnightly, or monthly by selecting the schedule that works best for you
  • Ability to choose your preferred day for when payments are made
  • Spread your school fee payments over the full school year
  • Option to pay via direct debit, debit/credit card or BPay
  • Adjust your repayments at any time
  • No credit checks or additional costs to families
  • Families wishing to pay their fees in instalments can set up an Edstart Plus account by visiting

Edstart also offers families an option to extend the term of their repayments beyond 12 months.

Note: There is a cost for this option.


Edstart Plus

  • Edstart will pay your school fees when they’re due every term.
  • Spread your repayments across the year in weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments.
  • No transaction fees or interest charges when using Edstart Plus for your Blackheath & Thornburgh College fees.
  • Change or cancel your plan at any time with no additional cost.
Pay by Instalments

Blackheath and Thornburgh College have partnered with Edstart to provide more flexibility and choice with your fee payments. You can pay your fees in weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments with Edstart Plus. Set up your account at

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