A BTC education is on offer to every child, wherever they are, whatever their background; we do not select on the merits of academic or sporting excellence – we select on the basis that we are a ‘good fit’ for each other, and that our approach, sense of community and inclusivity are common values.

Enrolments are invited across our Campus:

  • Junior School – Pre-Prep to Year 6
  • Senior School – Years 7 to 12 and Boarding

You are very welcome to arrange a personal tour of any of our Campus and/or Boarding Houses.

For more information and enrolment applications, please contact the BTC office on 07 4787 5100 .


We strongly encourage you to come and visit our College as the first step in enrolling your child – and especially if you are considering boarding. Not only will a visit give you physical experience of the environment, grounds and teaching areas, it will also enable you to absorb the atmosphere, ask questions of our Principal and staff and see how other students are taught and engage in the various activities on offer.


Application for enrolment of a student can be made using our Application for Enrolment form, available from our Registrar. You can also view our current Fee Schedule and submit any other enquiry you may have at this point.

Click here for Online Enrolment Application


Based on the information supplied, students and their parents will be invited to attend an interview with the Principal. These interviews are intended to be ‘fact-finding’ meetings for parents and the College, to ascertain the mutual suitability of the College and student, answer any questions and questions parents may have and set out the College’s expectations. These interviews can be held many months in advance of the year for which entry is sought.


Following an interview, should an offer of a place result, this will be confirmed in writing from the Principal to the family, along with all relevant information to finalise the application and offer.


The due date for acceptance of an offer will be stated on the letter of offer. An offer of a place is accepted by the parent through payment of the non-refundable Confirmation Fee and return of a signed copy of our Contract. Parents may also be asked to provide information required for government reporting, which is collected by all schools in Australia.